3 Most Romantic Wedding and Honeymoon Destinations

When you think of a destination wedding or honeymoon, you probably already have images in your mind of tropical beaches and white sands. The classic beach honeymoon is famous for a reason. Islands have some of the most sought-after romantic views in the world, and many couples choose wedding travel packages in Philadelphia, PA to […]

How to Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad

One of the greatest joys in life is taking a vacation to a new and exotic location. You have the opportunity to expand your sense of cultural awareness, see how other people live from different walks of life, try some tasty new foods, and of course, see the famous sights! International vacation destinations in Philadelphia, […]

3 Exotic Locations You Need to Visit

Are you looking to go off the beaten path and explore a unique spot this summer? Jet Set Travels is the leading source for new and exciting vacation destinations in Philadelphia, PA. If you want to visit a place that none of your friends have been to and bring home the magic of a foreign […]

5 Delicious Caribbean Dishes That Every Foodie Must Try

You probably know the Caribbean for its blazing hot sun and crystal clear waters, but did you know that this part of the world is also well-known for its specific flavors? Foodies looking for the perfect vacation destinations from a Philadelphia, PA area agency need to get themselves down to the Caribbean to try out […]

Top Ten Songs About Travel

Traveling is a fun and joyous time. It’s so much fun that even the journey can be more than the destination. That isn’t your typical corny life motto; it’s true. We sometimes travel searching for something. Other times we travel to get away from something. Regardless of your reason for being on a voyage, music […]