The 3 Craziest Policies Airlines Have Used to Save Money

Everybody knows that flying is expensive — for both you and the airline. Airlines have introduced a number of extra fees and cost-saving measures in recent years that have left travelers with less money in their pockets for vacation destinations in Philadelphia, PA. From carry-on fees to seat selection fees to fees just for printing out your tickets at the airport, it’s hard to fly without feeling the squeeze of extra fees. Believe it or not, some airlines have taken even more extreme measures to cut costs. Read on to learn about three of the most insane things airlines have done to save money.


  • Pay to pee. Can you believe that some airlines have tried to charge customers to use the toilets on the plane? Believe it — Ryanair, Dublin’s top budget airline, began introducing pay-to-pee toilets on domestic Irish flights less than two hours in length. The price per bathroom trip was about $1.50, but the airline ditched the plan in 2011 after customer complaints.


  • Weight-based tickets. You know that your bags have to be weighed before a flight, but some airlines want to weigh you as well! Uzbekistan Airways and Samoa Air have both introduced measures that force overweight and obese passengers to pay more for their tickets when compared to fellow passengers of normal weights. While policymakers claim that the so-called “fat tax” helps them select the best and most comfortable seats for everyone on board, opponents call the move “offensive” and “a form of shaming.”


  • Standing room only. In an effort to save money, airlines have cut out free carry-ons and free drinks…are free seats next? Budget airline VivaColombia has recently announced their interest in investing in high-density aircraft that would allow passengers to safely stand for the duration of their flight. If this idea sounds a little crazy, know that it’s already been done: In 2010, Ryanair offered passengers willing to stand for their flight tickets for as low as $7 a pop!


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