3 Ways to Make Flying with a Toddler More Bearable

For some parents, the most difficult part of planning their vacation isn’t deciding on a destination, packing up their luggage, or finding the right team of all-inclusive travel agents in Philadelphia that can work with their budget—it’s preparing and managing their children on the flight. There are few things more frustrating or embarrassing than being “that mom” or “that dad” carrying the screaming two-year-old or who’s sitting next to the kid with a penchant for kicking the chair in front of him. If you’re dreading an upcoming flight with a small child, use these three toddler-tested tips for a smoother journey.

  • Arm yourself with plenty of snacks. Contrary to popular belief, you are allowed to bring snacks from outside into the airport. Celery sticks, apple slices, grapes, and Goldfish crackers are all excellent choices that will keep your toddler from complaining about hunger without inviting a sugar rush.
  • Schedule flights close to bedtime. If possible, schedule your flights to leave around the time that your children typically hit the hay. A sleeping toddler is much easier to manage than a hyperactive one.
  • Choose comfort. Helping your child stay comfortable can do wonders for his or her behavior. Skip the stuffy clothing and allow your child to wear pajamas and slippers on the plane and remember to bring along their favorite stuffed toy or blanket. If you have a window seat, consider switching with your child so he or she can rest their head on the wall of the plane while sleeping. If you have a tablet or smartphone, loading up your device with relaxing music can help your little one have peaceful dreams in the sky.

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