4 Countries Americans Can’t Visit

Experiencing new cultures, trying new food, learning a few words of the local language—there are an endless number of reasons to love traveling. As soon as you have your first taste of a new destination, it’s normal to want to call your travel agency for vacation in Philadelphia, PA, to start planning your next trip. Unfortunately, not every country on Earth is equally as welcoming to Americans. Read on to learn a little bit about four countries that Americans can’t travel to.

  • North Korea. Thanks to a strict totalitarian government, Americans are forbidden from traveling to North Korea. While Americans could previously visit the country with a valid Visa and tour group, travel to North Korea has now been banned indefinitely.
  • Yemen. Yemen, a Western Asian country bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia, is closed to American tourists. Widespread civil unrest, a lack of medical infrastructure, and regular kidnappings led the United States’ government to ban travel to Yemen in February of 2015.
  • Venezuela. On January 24th of 2019, U.S. Department of State ordered all non-emergency American visitors to evacuate the country immediately due to civil unrest. Travel to Venezuela remains banned due to widespread violent crime and political demonstrations.
  • Libya. A Northern African nation, the country of Libya is home to rich desert oases and an unspoiled connection to the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, the country is also a hotbed for terrorism and insurgency groups. The United States closed its embassy in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli in 2014 after unprovoked, violent attacks on government employees. Travel to Libya remains impossible for both citizens and government employees to this day.

These countries may be closed off to Americans—but the right travel agency can introduce you to safe and legal destinations you’ll love. Jet Set Travels’ vacation and wedding travel agency near Philadelphia, PA, can help you select the right travel itinerary for you. If you need a little assistance planning your next excursion abroad, contact Jet Set Travels now.


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