5 Tips to Enjoy a Better International Vacation with Kids

You’ve spent months planning your journey, you’ve chosen the perfect vacation destination, and you’re all packed and ready to set off. There’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new country or culture—but for travelers with small children, even the sweetest vacation can quickly turn sour. Use our top five travel tips to enjoy a more relaxing (and less hectic) vacation abroad with your little ones.

  • Get immunizations beforehand. Some countries require vaccinations for travel—and the last thing you need is to be scrambling to get your shots at the last minute. Read the CDC’s information on recommended and required travel vaccinations and remember to book your appointments at least three months before the day of your trip.
  • Limit the number of toys you bring. For small children, a favorite toy or blanket can provide a sense of comfort in a strange new place. However, bringing along too many toys can cause clutter and increases the risk that a beloved item is left behind. Limit children to one or two favorites before the trip.
  • Introduce kids to the culture early. Visiting a new country can be an enriching cultural experience, even for toddlers. About a week before your trip, introduce children to the culture of the country you’re visiting by sampling a traditional dish, listening to some native music, or by learning how to say “hello” and “goodbye” in a foreign language!
  • Snack smarter at the airport. Kids need snacks to survive a long flight—but who wants to spend $10 on a bag of chips at the airport? Bring along plenty of TSA-approved snacks (like grapes, crackers, or sliced strawberries) for a delicious and nutritious treat.
  • Call restaurants ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try only to find out that there’s no kids menu. If you know that your children won’t be receptive to trying the local cuisine, call the restaurant ahead of time to ask about kid-friendly options. You may even want to use Google to find a PDF of the restaurant’s menu to plan your selections.  

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