5 Travel Must-Haves for Adventurers on a Budget

From the reefs of Australia to the white sand beaches of the Caribbean to the medieval castles of Europe, the world has an endless list of amazing places to visit and sights to see. If you’re an adventurer on a budget, consider investing in a few of our favorite low-cost travel essentials.

A sturdy and reliable backpack. Our travel experts have visited tons of travel destinations in Philadelphia, PA, and the decision is unanimous—no matter where you’re headed, a sturdy backpack is an absolute must-have. Thrifty travelers will love the convenience of a well-made backpack on hikes and excursions and the fact that they can save on carry-on charges by packing light.

A universal electric plug adapter. Did you know that outlets are different in different countries? It’s true! Your phone charger or other electrical device may not work in a foreign country if that country doesn’t use U.S.-compatible plugs. Buying a new plug every time you travel can quickly get expensive, but you can save both time and money by investing in a universal electrical plug converter.

Collapsible food containers. One of the best parts of traveling is sampling local cuisine and regional specialties. However, if you’re heading out on a hike or a day trip and you aren’t sure when you’ll be able to eat next, consider investing in a set of collapsible food containers. They’ll help you save money at the airport and on the road by allowing you to skip the takeout.

A great (rented) book. From waiting to board your flight to the taxi to your hotel, travel involves a ton of waiting around. Instead of endlessly scrolling on your phone or splurging at the airport bookstore, why not rent a new read from your local library before you travel? You’ll save money and give your brain a workout!

A large water bottle. Everyone knows that TSA regulations prohibit you from bringing a liquid container onto an airplane if it holds more than 100mls. But did you know that there’s no rule against bringing a large empty water bottle into the airport? Investing in a large and durable water bottle contributes less waste to the environment and helps you skip the temptation to buy that $5 bottle of soda at the airport.

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