When Are the Best and Worst Times to Fly?

Did you know that your desired destination isn’t the only thing that determines how much your airplane ticket will cost? The time of year you’re traveling in, the day of the week on which your flight takes off, and even the time of day you buy your ticket can all affect how much you’ll pay. Read on to find out what are typically the best and worst times to fly—and consider switching up your plans to save more on your next adventure!


  • The best day to buy – Sunday. The best travel agencies in Philadelphia, PA know that there actually is a best day of the week to purchase your flight—and it’s Sunday! Expedia has found that flyers who bought their ticket on a Sunday paid an average of 11 percent less for their flight.


  • The worst day to buy – Friday. Airline tickets are usually the most expensive on a Friday, with flyers paying more when they buy their tickets on the last workday before the weekend. Travel experts say that this is because most economy fares are sold during the week—so tickets are at a premium on Friday before they reset on Sunday.


  • The best day to fly – Tuesday. If you want to save money on your next trip, consider leaving on a Tuesday! Research from Market Watch has found that Tuesday flights are generally the least expensive.


  • The worst day to fly – Sunday. Flights on Sunday tend to be the most expensive, as travelers head back home before the workweek begins.


  • The best month to fly – September. Say “thank you” to the back-to-school season—travel experts know that if you want to save serious cash, you should consider flying in September, when airlines lower rates before the rush of the holidays.


  • The worst month to fly – December. For both domestic and international flights, the month of December is the most expensive—travelers wanting to return home for the holidays should plan on paying a premium.


If you’re looking to save as much money as possible on your next trip, consider working with a travel agency for vacations in Philadelphia, PA, like Jet Set Travels. Our travel experts know when to buy, when to fly, and where to stay so you can leave with your wallet a little heavier. Give us a call today at 215-309-8272 to get started!



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