The Cheapest and Most Expensive Airports in the Country

Did you know that where you fly from can have an effect on your getaway’s bottom line?


It’s true! Most people know that the airline they fly with, their destinations, and the exchange rate of their currency will affect how much they spend on a vacation, but a new report from has found that the prices of food, parking, WiFi, and snacks also drastically vary between airports. Little things like that can add up to a bigger portion of your vacation’s bill than you would expect.


Unsurprisingly, the most expensive airlines are located in major metropolitan areas. John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City and Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles both made the list of the top ten most expensive airports in the country. The top launch pad for big spenders? Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark NJ, where patrons spend an average of $429.80 on a roundtrip ticket. Add on expensive eatery options and WiFi that’s billed by the hour, and you’re looking at a bill before you even claim your baggage.


The cheapest state to fly? Florida! Three of the most affordable airports in the United States are found in the Sunshine State. Along with Orlando and Tampa, the king of low-fare flying is Fort Lauderdale. With free WiFi, an average domestic fare of just over $250, and low-cost luggage storage, Fort Lauderdale easily tops RewardExpert’s list of affordable places to fly.


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