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Rudi Bodensteiner

Certified Travel Consultant

I was born and raised in a small town in Bavaria Germany, where I developed my travel bug early, while growing up. After turning 14, I started to hitchhike around Europe with friends every chance I had, over the next couple of years.

At 16, some cousins and I came to the US to meet up with a pen-pal I had in Indiana. From there we took of to Mexico, California, stopped in Arizona for a raft trip down the Grand Canyon and back to Indiana, before returning home to Germany. Well that “Wanderlust” has never left me, and has taken me to some truly amazing places around the Globe. As well as bringing me into the Travel Industry, which I have enjoyed with my wife for the last 20 years.

So here I am at Jet Set Travels, where I love to use my extensive travel experiences, to help and create some truly magical vacations.

Lora Finney-Bodensteiner

Hi my name is Lora Finney-Bodensteiner and along with my husband Rudi, we have owned Jet Set Travels for over 30 years. As  a professional Travel Consultant I have had the true privilege of traveling extensively throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. I am always looking for new places to visit so I can grow and share my knowledge with others. Most recently I had to opportunity to explore the jungles of Costa Rica, experience an adventurous safari in South Africa, relax on a European River Cruise and tour the glaciers in Iceland. My passion for travel is endless and stems from my desire to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, to meet new people and to help others.

I especially love helping couples plan their dream Destination Weddings and Honeymoons! I always look forward to meeting with new clients. Each couple is unique, and I work diligently to help make their dream come true.

Without a doubt we at Jet Set know what to recommend because we have been there!

Beth Gittlen

Certified Travel Consultant

Hi! My name is Beth Gittlen. Travel is my passion. I enjoy exploring exciting new destinations, meeting interesting new people, experiencing their unique cultures and cuisine and even finding time to relax on a gorgeous beach. During my 9 years as a travel agent, I have shared my love for travel with my clients in the personalized creation and meticulous planning of their travels. Each travel experience is unique and my goal is to make your special trip a wonderful time worth remembering.

Linda Gottlieb

Certified Travel Consultant

I started in the travel business 25 years ago on a whim and here I am still enjoying and looking forward to all the new challenges that have changed during the years. Investigating new places and seeing the joy that my clients feel after atheir trips are the most rewarding. I have been at Jet Set Travels for 12 years and enjoy doing vacation and corporate travel as well. My 2 favorite spots are Italy and Alaska which are so different but so spectacular. Following up with my clients are very important to me as it is with them.

Ann Schofield

Certified Travel Consultant

Hello—My name is Ann Schofield Feldman …I have been involved in the Travel Industry for over 25 years, where I started out working for the airlines, before becoming a Travel Consultant. Traveling to warm climates is something I always look forward to. Another destination I am especially fond of, is Europe. With the Mediterranean in particular. Every summer my family and I enjoy traveling to Mexico as well as other Caribbean destinations. One of the benefits of travelling that I find particularly fascinating is learning about- and experiencing various cultures. It is a privilege to work with clients and make their travel dreams come true. I value the unique travel experiences that the industry has afforded me, and always look forward to future adventures. Just cannot wait to make Your dreams come true!

Marianne Crawford

Certified Travel Consultant

My name is Marianne Crawford and I came into the Travel Agent business over 12 years ago while I was coaching high school and college cheerleaders and needed to take a group of them to a National Cheer Competition in Florida. I loved the idea of planning an itinerary for the time spent in Florida with so much to do, especially seeing the end result of all the memories I helped make for these young adults. Since then have I have become a Certified Travel Consultant and a Disney Agent Specialist, having attended a seminar held in Disney World and also a Group Coordinator for Contest of Champions National Cheer Competitions and have helped send many groups of cheerleaders to the National Cheer Competitions in Orlando, Florida and gave them a customized itinerary to help make the most of their particular stay. My love for Disney came when I had the privilage to march with my High School Drill team down Main Street USA shortly after Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened and haven’t stopped visiting Disney World since. I have been to Disney World myself more than 30 times over the years and have been to Disneyland California at least 10 times and also have sailed with Disney on their cruise ships and loved and enjoyed each Magical Adventure.

I am also well versed in the cruising industry having sailed at least once a year over the past 14 years on several different cruise lines and ships and would loved to share my experience with you to help you get the most out of your cruising experience whether it would be your 1st or your 21st cruise. I am also a Business Travel Group Specialist and have worked with many companies in the area handling all their Business Travel needs including Meeting Agendas and Business Dinners. I would love to help plan your next vacation or business travel, making sure each and every detail is geared towards you vacation dreams and business goals.

Travel Friendly Advice Always!

Juli Finney

Travel Consultant

Hello! My name is Juli Finney. I am a new Travel Consultant here at Jet Set Travels. I graduated from Temple in 2011 and have been lucky enough to find my passion… the travel industry. Growing up I traveled all over, from white water rafting down the Grand Canon to cruising around Alaska. I have always loved the idea of planning and am very thankful to be here to help you plan your dream vacation!

Judy Caffentzis

Certified Travel Consultant

My interest in travel began as a child. I travelled to Europe a great deal as my parents were immigrants and we would go and visit our relatives. The travel was a little more work than fun, but I would spend time dreaming that when I got older I would travel and be able to truly enjoy the sights and sounds of foreign lands. Today, I have travelled to numerous countries, many islands (as these are some of our favorite vacations), and continue to enjoy cruising through Europe and the Caribbean.

I have a vision of what my perfect vacation is, and I always try to find that same vision for my customers. Let’s face it, you get two maybe three weeks a year to get away from the grind of work, and the never ending to do list. My goal is to listen to your thoughts and see if I can make your trip dreams come through with your perfect vacation.

Alexa M. Huzela

Certified Travel Consultant

Hi! My name is Alexa M. Huzela. I am a new Travel Consultant here at Jet Set Travels. I graduated from Immaculata University with my BSN in 2015, and I am currently pursuing my Masters in Elementary Education at DeSales University. My passion for helping others plan their next big adventure is something that is so exciting to me. Growing up my family had a love to travel. I was always the one who was planning the trip from start to finish. In my spare time I love to adventure outdoors, run, and spend time with family and friends.

I specialize in Disney vacations. My love for Disney began when I was just 2 years old, since then I have been there over 25 times, and I am currently training for the RunDisney half marathon.

I am more than excited to be here to help you plan your dream vacation, making sure I am with you from beginning to end!

Susan Finney

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey (Pat Conroy).” Travel is truly a gift, and our travel memories remain with us FOREVER! One of the most wonderful gifts I received from my late husband, Bill was his love for travel and adventure. I am so grateful to have made those memories. Together, and with our children, we traveled often: throughout the United States from east coast to west coast, exploring National Parks, cruising and adventuring in Mexico, Alaska, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, and witnessing the pure beauty of Hawaii.

I now understand how important it is to continue traveling and making memories. Recently I journeyed to India and Italy, both destinations were healing and transformative. Traveling with family and friends connects to each other, and to the cultures and world around us. Traveling helps us develop courage and confidence.

I am happy and excited to announce that I am rejoining Jet Set Travels of Southampton as a Travel Consultant with 15 years of previous experience. Life is precious, and there are so many places to see and so much to learn in this world. I hope that I can assist you in planning a vacation that will stay in your mind forever! Namaste!


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