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Certified Travel Consultant

I was born and raised in a small town in Bavaria Germany, where I developed my travel bug early, while growing up. After turning 14, I started to hitchhike around Europe with friends every chance I had, over the next couple of years.

At 16, some cousins and I came to the US to meet up with a pen-pal I had in Indiana. From there we took of to Mexico, California, stopped in Arizona for a raft trip down the Grand Canyon and back to Indiana, before returning home to Germany. Well that “Wanderlust” has never left me, and has taken me to some truly amazing places around the Globe. As well as bringing me into the Travel Industry, which I have enjoyed with my wife for the last 20 years.

So here I am at Jet Set Travels, where I love to use my extensive travel experiences, to help and create some truly magical vacations.

Rudi Bodensteiner